Hot Water Heater DIY Plumbing Repair

Hey guys we’re back again I’ve got this  old point of use hot water heater reviews sears came by here and  they deemed that my old tank was bad so  after a whole lot of waiting around at  sears yesterday and a whole bunch of  time on the phone with robots and stuff  i finally got my new replacement water  here so i’m getting ready to take this  one out first thing I’m going to do is  I’m going to reach down here and I’ve  already done it but I’m going to make  sure that this pilot light is off I’m  going to reach over here turn the gas  off I’m going to get up top turn the  water off and I’m going to go into the  bathroom here right behind you and I’m  going to bleed this pressure off the  tank shouldn’t take too long okay and  before we disconnect anything i’m going  to have to hook a hose up down here to  this bottom drain valve i’m going to  hook a water hose up i’m going to run  that outside and i’m going to let this  thing run for about.

I don’t know how  probably take about 10 or 15 minutes to  completely drain this thing out but I’m  gonna go ahead and get started with that  when we come back I’ll disconnect  everything and we’ll get this out of the  way ok we’re back I’ve got everything  disconnected obviously the lines are all  shut off got the gas shutoff and in fact  I had to move remove this little this  gas line here i’m just hanging it on  this other one here just keep it out of  the way but i had to remove that because  the way this pipe is angled out here  it’s going to be a little bit tight  there with that gas line in the way so i  got that out of my way i got the shot  back and sucked out all the remaining  water that was in the bottom of the pan  and the first time I did this I was able  to just pick it up back in two thousand  eight and just set the thing in there  and I don’t know if there’s still a  little bit of water left and this thing  or what but I’m worried about doing that  so what I’m going to do I’ve got my  dolly over here.

I’ve slid I disconnected  the drain down here sorry about that I  disconnected the drain that you can see  it there it went over from between the  pan to the floor drain here  I got that out of my way and I’m just  going to take my dolly and stick my  slight I’m going to slide this thing out  as far as I can as close as I can to the  edge of that wooden block then I’m going  to take the blade of my dolly and pick  it up and hopefully get it all out of  here and one in one sweep and when we  come back I’ll have the new one setting  in place and we’ll talk about what we  need to do to hook it up here we go ok  got the old one out I’m going to take  this opportunity to check this base here  I don’t know if you remember in the  earlier video i said i discovered the  water heater which is a little out of  level this base was not something i put  in it came with the house so i’m going  to check that out right quick and see if  if it is if it is the base at eye level  and i want to slope that the downhill  side toward the drain over here just so  that it naturally you know wants to pull  up on the drain side so I’m going to  work on that for a moment or two and i’m  going to take the shot back and clean up  all the you know all the all the little  bugs and the spiders and the stuff like  that that are in here.

I may even set a  couple of those sticky traps back in the  back corner there just to catch spiders  and stuff we have the brown recluses  here in this state so anyhow when we  come back I’m going to have the pan back  in the new water heater installed and  we’ll go over hooking up the fittings  [Music]  okay we’re back i’m going to go ahead  and install this gas fitting it doesn’t  come the new unit does not come with one  so i pulled this out of my old unit took  it out to the shop cleaned it up on the  wire wheel it’s ready to install some of  a good screw that yeah  no place to put a package backup wrench  on this I’m just kind of holding on to  this control panel here and getting a  good snug on it I use the yellow teflon  tape it’s designed for gas so you want  to do that if you’re messing with  natural gas lines or I would assume  propane is the same way but I don’t know  this is a natural gas system here so i  can’t speak to propane tightening up  this feed line the flexible line here  now believe these are actually flare  fittings the you may not need the teflon  tape on here but it had it on before so  and it never leaks I’m going to go ahead  and do the same thing again it’s kind of  bending this where I like it so that’s  out of the way okay hey guys what else.

We’ve done here I didn’t record this  part but I redid the chimney pipe I had  to actually take a piece of that out  because this new unit is about three  inches taller than my old one and  luckily I’ve got those flex water lines  so that’s not going to be an issue now  when regret is is I i put the chimney  pipe in and the centerpiece in before i  put the teflon tape on the nipples I  just wasn’t thinking that they were  already installed I’m used to installing  those myself but either way it wasn’t  that big a deal i just had to pull off  some links of teflon tape and stick them  on those nipples and get those ready for  ready for the next step which will be  screwing those on I’ve got the the pipe  here I took this out the shop also  cleaned it up with the wire wheel so  that I can screw that straight in here  in a moment just I’m up for my last  heater I’m gonna put this back on  nothing fancy just a piece of insulation  with a hole cut in it so that uh I can  stick it over this  relief valve here like so probably not  necessary it’s just–that’s AI just  thought it was.

I had a little extra  piece and thought i would do it so okay  next I’m gonna stick this overflow pipe  in here hopefully it’ll go down far  enough looks like it’s going to  [Music]  you can’t even see that I’ve working up  at the top I’ve got you pointed down at  the relief valve here I’m just starting  these by hand so not to not to cross  thread anything I’ve had to readjust my  I had to kind of read in these water  lines just slightly to get around this  pipe you don’t want them leaning up  against this chimney pipe it does get  hot so keep that in mind okay here goes  the hot and being careful enough to put  a bunch of pressure on this end over  here I want I want the bend to happen up  here behind the pipe so I’m grabbing on  carefully manipulating this pipe to the  shape I need it to be looks like I do  right there  it started by hand again okay show you  guys what we got here just starting  those fittings up by hand again I’ve got  the teflon tape on them when I’m done  here in a bit i’ll put the insulation  back around those lines so that the  water will stay hot coming out of there  as long as you can so just to kind of  recap here basically you saw them  earlier set the thing in here I adjusted  the pan I got the drain back installed  although I have not tightened up the  little inside not on that yet I’m gonna  have to go out the shop and get some  pliers and do that but I’ve got it  installed it’s back in the pipe over.

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

The Bradford White electric water heaters are less costly to purchase compared to the gas units but often come with higher operational costs in some places. The rate at which water is heated is also rather slow hence the importance of buying a water heating system with a large tank. This inefficiency had kept electric water heaters off the popular list. Read on for more information concerning these heaters.

– Feature wide range of tank sizes
– Moderate first-hour recovery
– Warranty
– Fast-hour recovery
– Thermal efficiency

– Eligible for tax credits- many of the Bradford White electric heaters are eligible for the 30% federal rebates. The tax cuts allowed by the state help in bringing down the average cost of the unit to make them affordable to more people.
– Affordable- The electric powered heaters are less costly compared to the gas powered units.  In addition, the manufacturers are allowing some discounts and other incentives to the clients making them cost efficient option among many customers.
– First hour recovery- The tanks are available in various sizes so that you can choose the size that will suit your needs. You don’t have to go at a certain time without water at certain time since you can choose a tank that will suit your needs.
– Energy factor (EF) The units have a large percentage of energy converted into hot water. This ensures that Bradford water heaters are highly efficient and have low cost of operation.
– Peak-hour demand (PHD) this refers to the amount of hot water that is generally required to satisfy your requirements. Bradford electric heaters are available in different power outputs clients can choose from to satisfy their needs.
– Good recovery rates- The units come with different recovery rates. Recovery rate refers to the optimum amount of water a heater is capable of giving within a certain time. The units of the company are made with adequate versatility to suit all kinds of clients.
– Unmatched thermal efficiency- Bradford White electric water heaters feature highly efficient thermal conversion of up to about 98%.  The efficient water heating system helps in ensuring reduced cost of electric power required to maintain hot water in he system.
– Warranty- all the heaters are made to deliver high performance. They carry warranties of above 5 years
– Green energy source- There are no negative environment effects coming from the water heaters

– The recovery rates of the units tend to be lower compared to that of the gas powered units.
– Installation and initial costs of the electric powered heaters is normally high making them unsuitable for people with no strong financial ability.
– The cost of electricity is high making them basically expensive sources of energy

In general, Bradford White electric water heaters are gaining popularity in the market since they are Eco-friendly and able to serve the needs of many people’s water needs effectively, In some places where the cost of electricity is low, the units are highly recommended as they deliver 98% of power conversion.

Information about swimming pools and swimming pool accessories

What to consider when you want to buy scuba diving flippers

Scuba diving is an excellent recreational activity which may inspire  you to travel the globe and explore new places. Many folks are put off by all the equipment that is needed in order to take part in this sport. Two absolutely essential pieces of equipment are flippers and a mask. With all the many options available these days it can be difficult for a novice to pick the right one.

Even with all the assorted swimming technology on the market the two basic options for flippers will be open heel and full foot. Since full foot fins are smaller and best used barefoot, they are the ideal choice for snorkelers. Scuba divers usually prefer the bigger open heel fins that go with special boots that really cut through the water.

One of the most basic models is the paddle flipper which is an excellent choice for those just starting in the sport. The more experienced divers who require added performance for longer distances often choose to get split fin models. Above ground pool covers

Adding an above ground pool is a great way for family and friends to savor the summer months right in the backyard.

You should maintain your pool in excellent condition by covering it when it is not in use. This is an excellent method of keeping the pool free from debris so the water will be clean and inviting when you are ready to go swimming. They are also a great way to protect the pool during the long winter months when you aren’t using it.

A hard winter season can easily fill a pool with all sorts of debris and can even cause permanent damage. Another benefit to having them is that they can help reduce your pool heating costs. During the daytime you will notice a decrease in the amount of evaporated water and therefore the amount of water you have to replace. You will notice that there are a range of options for pool covers so it is smart to look around and find the one that works best in your circumstance.

Non-polluting, low cost, low maintenance pool heaters

Receive the most recreation out of your home swimming hole by setting up a solar pool heater, and you can save money over other heating systems. Solar heated pools require a solar collector installed on your roof, through which the filtered pool water is pumped, heated, and then pumped back to the pool.

The bigger the size of the solar collector the longer into the colder months you can enjoy your pool, so the collector needs to be anywhere from 50% to 100% the size of the surface area of the pool. To achieve the utmost results the solar collector requires placement where it gets the most sunlight, and you will want a pump timer set to run during the day.

Pool covers are a wise investment to keep the pool from losing large amounts of heat, and halt the debris and wind blown dirt from entering your pool. It is possible to spend as little as $2,000 and as much as $10,000 on a solar heating system, but normal expenses run in the $3-4,000 range, comparable to old fashioned propane heaters or heat pumps, but without the on-going operating costs of traditional pool heaters. Since the only moving component part in a solar pool heating system is the diverter valve, which controls the rate of water flow to the solar panels, solar systems require very low maintenance expenses, unlike old-fashioned pool heating systems. Additional advantages to solar pool heaters is the use of clean sunlight instead of polluting energy supplies like propane gas.

Swimming pool toysIf you are having a real struggle trying to get your children out-of-doors to exercise, the answer is in the backyard with an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. Swimming by itself is a lot of fun, but if you feel the need to add to your recreational activities there is a great variety of swimming pool accessories and toys from which to choose.

The simplest swimming pool toys to buy are items such as beach balls, inflatable rafts, swim noodles, swim rings, water guns, and even grown-ups like to play with a beach ball or an inflatable raft. Other swimming pool components are large fixtures that add a lot to the appeal and value of your swimming pool, such as pool slides that make kids happy, starting platforms for the more serious-minded, and diving boards everyone can enjoy.

Water games are also highly enjoyable for adults and kids alike, and you can always find gear for swimming pool versions of such games as volleyball, basketball, tennis, ping pong, polo, and badminton. The underwater surfboard is one of the most popular swimming pool items, especially among kids who love their skateboards and surfboards, because the sense of balance they learn skateboarding and surfing transfers easily to a underwater surfboard.

One accessory that is more practical than fun is the water ladder and railing, which are usually made out of polyresin or stainless steel and are installed at the deep end of the pool to allow for a quick exit from the water. No matter what accessories you provide for your swimming pool, if you have kids in the pool you will need to supervise their playing and make sure they are following proper safety procedures.

Unable to locate the advice you require from these articles?  In that case these sites might be more fitting. If, for instance, you are interested in above ground pool liners, then Buy Above Ground Pool Liners will have a lot of useful tips. Could you also be curious about electric swimming pool heaters?

If so, Buy Electric Pool Heaters should be of help. Additional posts about swimming pool accessories and above ground pool ladders can be located on Buy Above Ground Pool Ladders. Last but not least, there is Best Swimming Pool Supplies which has information pertaining to swimming pool supplies and has proven to be helpful to a lot of visitors. If you are looking to install a toilet near your swimming pool for the visitors, checkout some top toilets on this website.

How To Increase Business Revenue and Optimize Profits In my previous post


I wrote about keys success in restaurant business which how important on choosing right location, quality of product and service, hiring, consistency, marketing and public relation. In this post, I am writing about how to create more profit to optimize your bottom line in restaurant business. To do so, there are some basic points need to be implemented regular basis to increase your business performance.

Regular Staff TrainingArrange staff training schedule of in a regular basis, such as self-development of service, proper presentation, menu knowledge and up selling, how to approach and pay more attention to the costumer and also anticipation. Trained staff will beneficial to the company. If everyone knows to do better up selling, they will generate revenue and create more sales. Just take a small example that costumer will be enjoying being served by talented waiters or waitresses.Menu Development and PresentationCollect costumers feedback about your food menu, drinks or service by providing comment card or feedback card or visit table directly, must be done by manager on duty; ask costumer whether they enjoying their meals.

Ensure that they receive 100% quality which “value for money”. By doing this you know customers at most, serve food according to they like. In Asian country, most of the people like spicy food, serve put spicy food on your menu and they will comeback for it.Daily Wastage ReportMaintain your food and beverage or production cost by eliminating wastages. Eliminate wastage is a direct effect to your bottom line. Plan production sheet, do sales tracking and you can make production base on the sale history, make life easier.Control Daily ExpensesNo matter how much sales you can make, but its matter how much money you can save.

So, consider of daily expenses which can be controlled, such gas, electricity, phone and labor. Use as you need. Remember, even though only small amount you spend on thing, but think about times 30 days, times 12 months and so on. If you can perform and control all these mentioned above, its will optimized your profit.If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment. I will respond as soon as possible.Please subscribe to my feed if you like this post.or follow me on my twitter?