Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

The Bradford White electric water heaters are less costly to purchase compared to the gas units but often come with higher operational costs in some places. The rate at which water is heated is also rather slow hence the importance of buying a water heating system with a large tank. This inefficiency had kept electric water heaters off the popular list. Read on for more information concerning these heaters.

– Feature wide range of tank sizes
– Moderate first-hour recovery
– Warranty
– Fast-hour recovery
– Thermal efficiency

– Eligible for tax credits- many of the Bradford White electric heaters are eligible for the 30% federal rebates. The tax cuts allowed by the state help in bringing down the average cost of the unit to make them affordable to more people.
– Affordable- The electric powered heaters are less costly compared to the gas powered units.  In addition, the manufacturers are allowing some discounts and other incentives to the clients making them cost efficient option among many customers.
– First hour recovery- The tanks are available in various sizes so that you can choose the size that will suit your needs. You don’t have to go at a certain time without water at certain time since you can choose a tank that will suit your needs.
– Energy factor (EF) The units have a large percentage of energy converted into hot water. This ensures that Bradford water heaters are highly efficient and have low cost of operation.
– Peak-hour demand (PHD) this refers to the amount of hot water that is generally required to satisfy your requirements. Bradford electric heaters are available in different power outputs clients can choose from to satisfy their needs.
– Good recovery rates- The units come with different recovery rates. Recovery rate refers to the optimum amount of water a heater is capable of giving within a certain time. The units of the company are made with adequate versatility to suit all kinds of clients.
– Unmatched thermal efficiency- Bradford White electric water heaters feature highly efficient thermal conversion of up to about 98%.  The efficient water heating system helps in ensuring reduced cost of electric power required to maintain hot water in he system.
– Warranty- all the heaters are made to deliver high performance. They carry warranties of above 5 years
– Green energy source- There are no negative environment effects coming from the water heaters

– The recovery rates of the units tend to be lower compared to that of the gas powered units.
– Installation and initial costs of the electric powered heaters is normally high making them unsuitable for people with no strong financial ability.
– The cost of electricity is high making them basically expensive sources of energy

In general, Bradford White electric water heaters are gaining popularity in the market since they are Eco-friendly and able to serve the needs of many people’s water needs effectively, In some places where the cost of electricity is low, the units are highly recommended as they deliver 98% of power conversion.

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