How To Increase Business Revenue and Optimize Profits In my previous post


I wrote about keys success in restaurant business which how important on choosing right location, quality of product and service, hiring, consistency, marketing and public relation. In this post, I am writing about how to create more profit to optimize your bottom line in restaurant business. To do so, there are some basic points need to be implemented regular basis to increase your business performance.

Regular Staff TrainingArrange staff training schedule of in a regular basis, such as self-development of service, proper presentation, menu knowledge and up selling, how to approach and pay more attention to the costumer and also anticipation. Trained staff will beneficial to the company. If everyone knows to do better up selling, they will generate revenue and create more sales. Just take a small example that costumer will be enjoying being served by talented waiters or waitresses.Menu Development and PresentationCollect costumers feedback about your food menu, drinks or service by providing comment card or feedback card or visit table directly, must be done by manager on duty; ask costumer whether they enjoying their meals.

Ensure that they receive 100% quality which “value for money”. By doing this you know customers at most, serve food according to they like. In Asian country, most of the people like spicy food, serve put spicy food on your menu and they will comeback for it.Daily Wastage ReportMaintain your food and beverage or production cost by eliminating wastages. Eliminate wastage is a direct effect to your bottom line. Plan production sheet, do sales tracking and you can make production base on the sale history, make life easier.Control Daily ExpensesNo matter how much sales you can make, but its matter how much money you can save.

So, consider of daily expenses which can be controlled, such gas, electricity, phone and labor. Use as you need. Remember, even though only small amount you spend on thing, but think about times 30 days, times 12 months and so on. If you can perform and control all these mentioned above, its will optimized your profit.If you have any queries, feel free to leave a comment. I will respond as soon as possible.Please subscribe to my feed if you like this post.or follow me on my twitter?